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The first bread-and-dip-in-one. This concept is perfectly in line with the current sharing-culture and combines convenience with cosiness. Enjoying delicious food together has never been so easy. The sweet variants are suitable for breakfast, lunch or high tea. The savoury variants are suitable for lunch and drinks. A great combination with soup or salad as well.

Festivo Awards
Garlic Parsley With Herb Butter Dip

Festivo garlic, parsley and herb butter

Garlic and parsley are mixed with dough. The herb butter dip is a wonderful finish.

Festivo cranberry's & Camembert

After heating up in the oven, the cranberry’s form a surprising, delicious combination with the warm Camembert.

Cranberry With Camembert

Festivo Mediterranean herbs

The roasted, tasteful pepper-dip in the middle immediately catches the eye. A delicious combination of lovely Mediterranean herbs and special bread.

Festivo Apricot & Raisin

A sweet variant thanks to the apricot and raisin pieces. The vanilla-dip is a great topping.

Apricot Raisin With Vanilla Dip
Chocolate Brioche With Hazelnut Paste Dip

Festivo Chocolate

The chocolate drips topping is a delicious and a feast for the eye. A dip in the hazelnut spread completes your chocolate experience.

Festivo Strawberry

Strawberry’s create the wonderful red colour of this brioche bread. A lovely one-two with the dip of tasteful milk chocolate.

Strawberry Brioche With Milkchocolate Dip