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An authentic focaccia recipe made with simple ingredients such as  water, flour, olive oil, salt and sourdough, The Puro concept fulfils the desire for authentic, pure and natural products. It is delicious eaten on its own or as an accompaniment to any meal.

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Puro Rosemary Sea Salt

Rosemary & Sea salt

A delicious sourdough bread sprinkled generously with rosemary & sea salt.


This sourdough bread is mixed with best quality olive pieces to give it the authentic flavour of the Mediterranean.

Puro Olives
Puro Sundried Tomatoes

Sundried tomatoes

The best sundried tomatoes and a sprinkling of oregano turn this sourdough bread into a festive delight.


The addition of seeds and multigrains to this sourdough focaccia gives this product a unique taste and texture.

Puro Multigrain
Puro Wholegrain

Wholemeal with Rosemary & Sea salt

This Puro variety is unique before it goes into the oven. Besides sourdough we add wholegrain. Then we combine this taste with Rosemary & Sea salt.