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Traditional and tasty flatbreads that form the basis for a Mediterranean party on your table. Six world flavours have been created with various authentic herbs and oils. The light breads are easy to tear and can easily be combined with dips.

Naturel Web


A lovely neutral taste to combine with a dip or to be richly topped according to your own creativity.

Matured Cheese & Garlic

This flatbread with matured cheese and garlic is delicious. Looking for even more flavour? Combine it with humus!

Gruyere Web
Rozemarijn Zeezout Web

Rosemary & sea salt

The delicious rosemary creates a lovely taste and character. This variant is easy: tear and enjoy!

Herb butter & wild garlic

The creamy herb butter makes the flatbread extra creamy, the wild garlic ensures a healthy aspect. This herb has a purifying character and contains a lot of vitamin C.

Daslook Web
Indiaanse Curry Web

Indian Curry

Verse Indiase Curry Madras zorgt dat dit dipbrood een mooie gele kleur krijgt.


The smoked jalapeño pepper ensures a spicy bite and red colour.

Chipotle Web

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