Belangrijke veiligheidswaarschuwing: Recall Duo Focaccia Basil & Tomato

Boboli roept per direct het product Focaccia Basillicum Tomaat 2x165gram” van het merk “Boboli Mediterraneo” met houdbaarheidsdatum 3-10-2023 terug. Het product is verkocht in verschillende supermarkten in Nederland. Lees meer

Job: Employee bakery

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    Robert Poort, HR advisor

    Working at Boboli

    Since our foundation in 1998, Boboli has one goal: to let everyone in the world enjoy the best handmade Mediterranean loaves. We are growing fast because we are flexible and respond with innovative products to the wishes and needs in the market. Every day we are working on this with more than 250 permanent employees and many flex workers. We work together in an international working environment.

    We offer our colleagues as many development opportunities as possible. By stimulating ambition, creating career opportunities and offering various training courses. For students there is space every year to graduate from Boboli. This immediately gives a clear view of the opportunities for a great career.

    Do you think you can also bake something from Boboli? Does it seem to you to let everyone in the world enjoy the best handmade Mediterranean loaves? Do you see yourself standing shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues? View the vacancies below or send an open application!

    Quote Ewalina

    “Boboli gave me the opportunity to develop myself from Production Assistant into Assistant Shift Manager.”

    Ewelina Betman, Assistant Shift Manager


    “Open doors, short lines, space for independence and celebrating successes together. I believe that’s the culture of Boboli.”

    Shift Manager