Boboli Taste of Colour

For over 25 years, we have been making the most delicious bread specialties for our customers all over Europe. We decorate our bread specialties with recognisable, fresh and especially colourful ingredients. More colour and feeling of freshness, but above all even more taste; it brings the taste of colour.

For every industry the right solution

An expert in decorated bread

In our state of the art bakery, we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to decorating. A lot of our bread specialties are still decorated by hand to create a recognisable and artisanal appearance. When more efficiency is requiered, we also have the option to automate this process with state of the art machinery like sauce printers. Whatever option you  prefer, we have the capabilites to supply your product in frozen, chilled or modified atmosphere-packed solutions.

Always the best ingredients

Fresh ingredients

Lovely scented basil, fresh vegetables or smooth cheese: at Boboli we only work with the best fresh ingredients

Personal advice

Our knowledge and expertise is not only used to improve our products, but also to advice you on your product portfolio.

Customized proposal

Fast product launch

Short time to market

Thanks to our own quality and R&D department, we are able to launch a completely new product in a very short time.