Because of our vision on the category, we know what is relevant for your industry, category and consumer. We therefore develop products with recognisable flavours that suit different eating times. Always together with the customer.

Stronger together

Thanks to our team we are able to develop and deliver (new)

products in a short time. Thanks to the flexibility in our

process, we are able to perfectly match these products to

the various Retail and Foodservice solutions.


In the field of Retail, Boboli plays a role in both the Bakery and on the convenience shelves. With our savoury assortment, including Pizza, Focaccia and Sharing bread, we bring colour to the shelves.

Our team works together with the customer to realise innovation and growth. We do this by using our own concept development, international experience, market data and customer-specific wishes.

We are able to develop and launch a product in a short period of time. We can also meet requirements such as: Nutri-score, salt and sugar reduction and the processing of different types of dough (wholemeal, durum & spelt).


Within food service, a fresh appearance and added value are a must. Boboli has a solution for all occasions, ranging from a snack moment in a school canteen to a savoury sharing bread that can be eaten in a restaurant.

Our products are partly formed and decorated by hand, giving the products a unique artisanal and attractive appearance. All our fully baked products can be prepared quickly and easily in regular or high-speed ovens.

The flexibility in our bakery enables us to offer a wide range with endless variations in dough types, size and decoration. This can include international cheeses, meat or vegetarian and plant-based concepts.

In addition to our decorated products, we also carry a number of make-off concepts such as pizza crusts, paninis and calzones that can easily be decorated yourself.

In-flight Catering

Within inflight catering, responsible food and packaging are extremely important. Boboli has created several tailor-made various concepts for in-flight catering. From a healthy vegetarian focaccia to a savoury salami pizza as a snack.

Our products are completely tailor-made and fully baked. This makes them easy to prepare in an aircraft oven.

In addition to the product, we are able to meet all logistics and packaging requirements.

Motorway services

Especially for the motorway services segment, Boboli has an extensive range of convenience products suitable for on the go.

The products range from easy-to-carry folded snacks and Nutri-score A products to traditional pizza snacks.

From a warm salami pizza on the go, to a luxurious calzone that is freshly prepared in the kitchen with egg and bacon. All easy to prepare and serve hot.