Our flexible process allows us to respond quickly to any market demand. We offer innovative and unique products that meet the needs of our customers. Whether it concerns classic bread specialties such as baguettes and focaccias or innovative products such as sharing breads and crusty rolls, Boboli always has something to offer that meets the wishes of our customers.

Bread and more

We have different pizza, focaccia and bread specialties that are suitable for every industry and suit one of the many eating moments in a day. In addition, we can provide customisation in the field of packaging and logistics.

Tailor-made product

Thanks to our unique production process, we can offer a varied range of decorated bread. We are able to vary in recipe, dough-type, weight and size.

When it comes to decorating our specialists are indespensable. We have the option to decorate manually when the added value is desired and automate when efficiency is needed. Which ever option you prefer, the product is allways build up layer by layer in order to create the perfect taste experience.

Versatile logistics

The supply chain is designed for flexibility. This gives us the opportunity to make every product suitable for a fresh, frozen or modified atmosphere-packed application.

In addition to the product, the logistics flow is also flexible, so that we can process any request. From mixed cases and mixed pallets to single packed products and oven-proof foil.
We tailor the product to your wishes.

Quality & Certifications

Boboli is GFSI certified according to IFS and BRC standards. This means we meet the highest standards in the field of food safety and quality. We are GMP+ certified for the responsible processing of our residual flows, in order to be able to process these flows in animal feed.